In case you were wondering what this website is all about, here's an attempt at explanation:

General information is the personal webpage of John Sennesael (me). Here you can find the webpages of most of my projects (with a few exceptions).

When having to come up with a domainname for this website I was dealing with some strange link errors and struggling with my C++ compiler, trying to have it statically link a library. Since that was the thing on my mind at the time, it seemed like a funny choice, and I sticked with it.

Technical information

This website was made from 'scratch' with the vim text editor, it's written in Perl, consists of a few modules and classes, and a cgi script for each section. There is one module for helper functions (Creating a window, a menu, links, etc,...), a module for the menu, and a few other OO modules to generate the download sections and faq sections etc,... The way I currently have the perl script set up, I can make changes quite fast.
Some examples:

      # This will add an entry to the news section:
      entry("image_filename.jpg","date","entry text","title","language");
      # This will generate a FAQ list:
      my $faq = new Faq;
      $faq->addQuestion("Where do babies come from?");
      $faq->addAnswer("They fall from the sky.");

      # This will add a screenshot thumbnail:
      print thumb("some description","thumb_image.jpg","image.jpg");

      # This will add a release to a download section:
      my $dl = new Downloads;
      $dl->setTitle("Version 1.0 downloads");
      $dl->addDownload("Some description","my_cool_file.ext","100KB");
      $dl->addChange("new feature: insert some wonderful new feature here");
      $dl->addBug("Insert some shameful bug here");
      $dl->addBug("There's always more bugs than you want...");

If you would like the source code to some of this stuff, drop me an email and I'll be more than happy to send it over.

Personal information

I spend most of my time coding in C++ and perl, add some smalltalk here and there (I like playing around with the Croquet project.) There's a few dozen other languages I can do, like most programmers, but these are the ones I use the most. Languages that are on my 'todo' list to learn are Python, D, and Lisp.

I do most of my work in Gnu/Linux, mostly running fluxbox as windowmanager, not that KDE and Gnome are bad, though if I'd have to pick between the two, it'd be KDE. I switch distro every now and then, I switched from slackware to gentoo to ubuntu to Blag (Which is what I'm currently using. Back to gentoo now.) I usually heavily modify them and then end up to be set-up somewhat the same, so the distro doesn't really matter, GNU/Linux is GNU/Linux, most of the time.

I run FreeBSD on the server here (which btw does not host this website, but a bunch of development stuff and temporary things).

I do have Windows XP on a separate partition to make windows builds of my software, and to play a game here and there.

Most of my programming is done in Emacs (and editing small files is done in vim. Yes! I use both!)s, with autoconf/automake as build system; When making builds for windows I use Visual C++ Express or Mingw under the Virtualbox emulator software.

That's it for now. ;)