Autobackup is a bash shell script which will automatically compress and (optionally) encrypt a directory tree, and tranfer it to a backup server using ssh or even email. It uses a humanly readable configuration file for easy setup, and when setup as a cron job it provides a very robust backup system.

Key features

  • You can easily make new cronjobs for each directory tree you want to back up.
  • You can make several cronjobs for one backup task, each for a different day of the week/month or different time of the day.
  • Backups can be encrypted and password protected with ncrypt.
  • Backups can be sent securely over ssh.
  • You can now have backup archives emailed to you automatically.
  • Makes use of tar+gzip2 for exellent compression.
  • Option to exclude certain files (eg: *.o *.bak *.tmp ...) from the backup, completely customizable through the configuration file.
  • Humanly readable and straightforward configuration file.


Autobackup was initially developed to create MySQL backups of the forums from the main server to our secondary server.


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