BPM Notepad is a text editor for musicians, speakers, or anyone else that needs scrolling text to read. As you read, the text scrolls down, you can start with a preset speed and pause/speed up/down while reading.

Key features

  • Scrolls at pre-defined speed.
  • Easy to pause/resume by hitting the space bar.
  • Handy shortcuts to adjust speed while scrolling.
  • Free software
  • Cross-platform


BPM Notepad started as a Codings Snacks request on the forum by the musician "Jimi Pocius". Go check out his website which has his music downloadable for free!.
The first version was made in one day, being based on the wxWidgets wxRichTextCtrl sample.


April 25, 2007: New version released (1.1.1).
April 13, 2007: New version released (1.1.0).
April 12, 2007: BPM Notepad was mentioned on Gizmo's newsleter. Thanks, Gizmo! ;) Go check out his site: