Tolipo screenshot

Key features

  • Simple, clean, lightweight, basic hierarchical todo list.
  • Automatic generation of todo.txt and changelog.txt text files to ship with your project on release.
  • Free software
  • Cross platform

How it works

The todo list

  • The todo list is a basic hierarchical structure of projects, sub-projects and tasks.
  • A project can have any number of sub-projects and any number of sub-tasks.


  • (project) My super multiplayer shooter game
    • (sub-project) Server
      • (sub-project) Networking
        • (task) Fix RPC bug
        • (task) Fix memory leak bug
      • (task) Implement server-side player object
      • (task) Implement enemy AI
    • (sub-project) Client
      • ...
    • (sub-project) Common code
      • ...

Todo/changelog textfile generation

  • For each project or sub-project you can set a path/filename for a todo.txt and a changelog.txt if you wish them to be generated.
  • For each task you can enter a summary, a todo text, and a changelog text.
  • When generating the textfiles, if a sub-project is set to inherit the path/filenames of the parent project(s); it's sibling tasks will be appended to the parent project text files.
  • If a task has a todo text, the todo text will be used to write in the todo textfile (otherwise the summary text will be used).
  • In case a task has a changelog text, the changelog text will be used to write in the changelog.txt file (otherwise the summary text will be used).
  • In the event that the task is a root node, or a task has no parent with changelog/todo textfile paths set, the task will not be included in the generation of the textfiles.
  • When a task has been completed, it will be written to changelog textfile (with the changelog text or summary text); when a task has not been completed, it will be added to the todo textfile.


Tolipo is a todo-list application aimed towards computer programmers.

It is common practice to include a "todo.txt" and a "changelog.txt" file with projects, the aim of tolipo is to automate that process while providing you with a usable todo application.

Sick of trying to remember what you have changed since the last version?
Having troulbe remembering what's been done and what's left to do?
Would you like to organise your tasks in a felxible hierarchical way?
Then this is the tool for you!

Projects can have any number of sub-projects (eg: a game can have a client, a server, and some common code). These sub-projects can inherit the text file paths of the parent project, when this is the case, all todo/changelog items will be appended to the parent's project text files.


  • Right-click the todo list for a menu which will reveal this functionality.
  • Double-click a task in the todo-list to mark/unmark it as completed.

It should be pretty self-explanatory.

Tolipo is an open source program, so feel free to modify it to your needs, the code is well documented, and there is doxygen documentation included in html format.

Tolipo is free to use, modify, mess with, and is licensed under GPL license.

Tolipo is also cross platform and will run under linux and lots of other unix variants, as well as on windows and OSX. However, I only have the resources to keep up with 2 binary builds (Linux and windows, maybe later BSD and Solaris too.). If you want Tolipo to run on any other platform you will have to compile it from source (which shouldn't be too hard, it only depends on wxWidgets.).